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1 Common

Sale Mania OY is a Finnish company. This is  Sale Mania OY's Privacy Policy. When you visit our website or purchase products and services from one of our stores, we may process personal information about you in the ways described below. In this case, we act as a controller, and you can address any request to us regarding the processing of your personal data, as described below,

Protecting your personal information is a priority for sale mania oy. We collect and use your personal information strictly in accordance with the legal restrictions of the Finnish Data Protection Act and EU General Data Protection Regulation No. 2016/679 (EU General Data Protection Regulation). When we use terms such as "personal information", "processing", "controller" and "personal data processor", they have the meanings defined in the data protection legislation.

2. What information, for what purpose and on what basis?

Information about your purchase : When you buy products and services from our website  www.salemania. fi or your own or our member's business, we will process your personal information such as your name and contact information (including address, email address and phone number) and your payment information. , manage your returns and manage your account on our website (if you are signed in to an account).

We may also process your personal information so that we may notify you that a particular product has entered the warehouse so that we can arrange the insurance service you have requested so that we can process your review regarding our customer service so that we can send you a notice if you have won any competition you participated in online, or we may contact you if there are any problems with your order or order. We may also analyze purchases from different customer groups so that we can develop our product offerings and pursue our legitimate interest in developing our products and services. We may also use your personal information for direct marketing, which you may choose to deny by sending your name and email address to customer service@salemania.fi

When you visit one of our stores or an independent store, we may use camera surveillance for security reasons.

This information is partly treated as necessary to fulfill the agreement with you, and partly because it is necessary for us to be able to communicate with you in an effective manner and to provide our customers with top-level service.

Although we do not execute the processing based on your consent, you can contact us at any time if you have any questions and you can request that we stop processing as described below.

Website Traffic and Analysis - Cookies: Power collects, collects, and analyzes information about use, traffic, and operations on Power's Web sites. This includes your IP address, your browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.), your operating system (Windows, etc.), interactive features for your ads (e.g., clicks or weightings), and the pages you're viewing. This is done by using cookies, and we may use cookies to provide personalized product recommendations and services. By using our website, you accept the use of cookies, as described in more detail in our cookbook. This includes the use of personal information and is based on your consent, which can be revoked at any time.

Direct Marketing Based on Your Consent:  If you have given your consent, we will be able to process your email address and phone number and send newsletters and marketing material tailored specifically for you. We may then modify our bids based on information in our possession, such as your previous purchases, and information from other sources for demographic information such as gender, birthday, and address (profiling). You can cancel your consent and oppose such profiling by contacting us as described below, or by canceling your newsletter.


3. With whom we share your information

We may share your information with our partners and other group companies, such as independent Power stores, our logistics partners to offer home delivery, repair service providers, IT solution providers, query and marketing service providers, suppliers, Accounting Service Providers, Payment Service Providers or individual Power Stores search for your product.

In other cases, we will not share your information with third parties, except in circumstances required by law, or if we have your express consent.

4. Location of your information

We keep your personal information on servers located in the EU / EEA area safely. As we take data protection seriously, we do not transfer your personal information outside the EU / EEA area, and all our processors are subject to strict confidentiality regarding your personal information. However, in certain cases, it may be necessary to transfer your personal data outside the EU / EEA area, and if so, we will ensure that the data transfer is carried out in accordance with the required security measures, such as the standard data protection clauses adopted by the European Commission or transfers under the EU-US privacy shield. You can get a copy of these safeguards (if applicable) by contacting us as described below.


5. Storage and Removal

Sale mania oy will remove personal information when all the purposes for which the personal data processing is done and when the removal is permitted by applicable laws and regulations.

You can also request access to and deletion of your personal information in any store mania oy store, please take a photo ID.


6. Your rights

You are entitled to receive, upon request, information about your personal data that we maintain or otherwise process. You are also entitled to have your personal data erroneous and, in certain circumstances, you have the right to restrict our right to process your data, or to ask us to delete your personal information. You may revoke your consent regarding the processing of your personal data (as described above) at any time, without affecting the legality of the processing carried out prior to its withdrawal.

You have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data, and once the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/678 (GDPR) has entered into force, you may request that your personal data be in a structured, commonly used form so that it can be easily transferred to you or to a data controller you specify (called " data transfer ").

If you have any comments regarding the processing of your personal data, we encourage you to contact us. Please point out any such requests in accordance with the guidelines in this Privacy Policy. We also inform you that you are legally entitled to appeal to the Finnish Data Protection Authority.


7. Updates and changes.

This privacy policy may be updated or modified. When we make changes to this Privacy Policy, we include a date for this Privacy Policy that was last updated. If material changes to this leaflet or to the use of your personal information have been made, we will notify you either by adding a visible bulletin to such changes before making any changes, or by sending you a direct bulletin.